WFT 2020 Recap, Part 3

2021 Outlook Looking ahead to the coming months, the 2021 Draft and Free Agency periods will prove crucial in determining Washington’s next step. With a young, promising core in place, now seems like the perfect time to go all in on contending for the next few years. With an intelligent draft strategy and a fewContinue reading “WFT 2020 Recap, Part 3”

WFT 2020 Recap, Part 2

Last week, I analyzed the surprises and overachievers from 2020 that made the Football Team have such unexpected success. However, with only a 7-9 record, it is clear that there were plenty of things that didn’t go as planned along the way as well. Disappointments Quarterback This season was refreshing for Washington fans who haveContinue reading “WFT 2020 Recap, Part 2”

WFT 2020 Recap, Part 1

In this unprecedented COVID season filled with empty stadiums, cancellations, and name changes, there is a lot to be happy about as a fan of the Football Team. Under first year head coach Ron Rivera, Washington rode a strong defense and emerging young talent on offense to capture its first division title and playoff appearanceContinue reading “WFT 2020 Recap, Part 1”

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